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liitonlogoThe Finnish Association
for Autism and Asperger´s Syndrome

The Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger´s Syndrome was founded in 1997. The Association serves individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) or Rett syndrome, and  their families.

The Association has 25 local member organizations, with about 3600 members in total. This includes individuals with ASDs and family members, as well as professionals in the field of autism. All of these groups are represented in our decision-making, on the national and local association boards.

Our goal at the Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger`s Syndrome is to change society in such ways that a good quality of life becomes attainable for all people on the autism spectrum.

The objective of the Association

The Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger´s Syndrome is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. We work to create the best possible conditions for children, adolescents and adults with ASDs, in the following ways:

  • Distribution of information through seminars, training events, printed material and other such means, to increase knowledge and understanding of the difficulties caused by ASDs
  • Developing the quality and improving the availability of services that support education, housing and everyday life
  • Creating opportunities for exchange of experience and knowledge between individuals with ASDs, parents and professionals
  • International collaboration to access and distribute research-based information, and to contribute ideas to research within the field

Main Services provided by the Association


  • AUTISMI magazine 4-5 times a year, received by all members
  • Monthly newsletter to member organizations
  • PR and information to main target groups, political decision makers, professional and general media


  • Developing services and interventions
  • Spreading good practice
  • Creating networks for professional collaboration
  • Conducting research

Service advisor

  • Daily guidance by service advisor during office hours, by phone and email or personally at the office
  • Guidance concerning diagnosis, support, interventions and services
  • Basic information about autism spectrum disorders


  • About 400 books and 90 videos
  • Available to members and the general public, free of charge

Educational activities

  • Several educational seminars per year organised by the Association
  • Providing information on ASD related training and education by other organisers

 Support and interventions

  • The Association participates in planning, developing and organizing activities centered  around support and intervention measures

The Association also

  • Issues statements to the media and to national and local decision makers
  • Influences legislation, and decision makers at national and local levels
  • Creates connections between researchers
  • Collects new ASD related information from international sources and distributes it in Finland

Supported by RAY.  

    The Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger´s Syndrome is supported by funding from RAY, Finland’s Slot Machine Association.


    Executive Director:
    Tarja Parviainen
    tel. +358 10 3152 803

    e-mail: info(at)autismiliitto.fi
    or firstname.lastname@autismiliitto.fi

    Central Office
    Autismi- ja Aspergerliitto ry
    Nuijamiestentie 3 B
    FIN-00400  HELSINKI
    Tel +358 10 3152 800


    Regional Office, Kouvola

    Autismi- ja Aspergerliitto ry
    Kauppamiehenkatu 4
    FIN-45100 KOUVOLA
    Tel.+358 10 3152 810
    Regional Secretary:
    Katriina Siiskonen

    Regional Office, Oulu

    Autismi- ja Aspergerliitto ry
    Asemakatu 37
    FIN-90100 OULU
    Tel.+358 10 3152 811
    Regional Secretary:
    Marjo Häyry